The Four Pillars:

Democracy, Social Justice, Ecology and Peace


The Ten Key Values:

Ecological Wisdom


Social Justice

Grassroots Democracy


Community-Based Economics

Feminism and Gender Equity

Respect for Diversity

Personal & Global Responsibility



The Green Party of Sacramento County is the official organization of the Green Party of California at the county level and is generally responsible for organizing and coordinating Green Party activity within the county, including party building, internal and external communications, and representing the county Green Party level to the state Green Party level.  County Councils (known as “County Central Committees” in other parties) are elected and appointed according to the GPCA Bylaws and California law.

The Green Party of Sacramento County is governed, ultimately, by Four Pillars and Ten Key Values.  These are the principles by which we want society to be guided.  They are to serve as a fundamental framework on which political decisions should be based.

The purpose of the County Greens is to further the Ten Key Values through political and social action.

County Council

current elected council of GP Sacramento County

sid 3

Sid Akbar

Green Party Candidate for CA State Assembly, Dist. 9 (2020)

(elected: Jan. 27, 2019)

Contact:  (916) 470-3669

faygo edited

James "Faygo" Clark



Activism Coordinator

(elected: Oct. 15, 2016)

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robert coplin 4

Robert Coplin

(elected: Jan. 27, 2019)

Contact: (916) 442-4077


Randy Hicks

(elected: June 3, 2017)



gary blenner

Gary Blenner


(elected: Oct. 15, 2016)



Christopher Carlson

Green Party Candidate for California Governor, 2018

(elected: Oct. 15, 2016; Jan. 27, 2019)

Contact: (916) 704-0058


Nicole Castor



(elected: Oct. 15, 2016)


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