Odd-Year Report of Registration from the CA Secretary of State: February 2019

Submitted by nmcastor on Wed, 03/13/2019 - 23:26

The Secretary of State has released the February 2019 Report of Registration!

Here are some highlights from these most recent statistics


Pre-registration numbers for Green Party

in Sacramento County are on par

with much more populated areas...


Pre-registration by county, highlights:

Los Angeles: 111

San Diego: 56

Orange: 42

Riverside: 38

Sacramento: 33

Alameda: 28

San Bernardino: 26

Santa Clara: 22

Ventura: 22

Contra Costa: 19


In Sacramento County, the largest age group registered

to vote is that of individuals 66 years and older (20.2%)

The smallest group of registered voters is

within the age range of 17.5-25 (11.8%)


Voting by Age Group 

(in chronological order)

(These numbers are fairly consistent with overall state averages)

17.5-25: 91,774 (11.76%)

26-35: 142,227 (18.22%)

36-45: 124,708 (15.97%)

46-55: 128,345 (16.44%) 

56-65: 135,902 (17.41%)

66+: 157,711; (20.2%)


      The total number of registered Greens in Sacramento County is now 3,512 (.45%) 


Unfortunately, this is a decrease of .01% since the last count in October 2018. Losses are consistent with overall state averages. For the entire state of California, there are now 88,771 (.44%), which is also a decrease of .01%.


This is not terrible news, however, when we look at overall numbers from the state totals.  Here’s where it gets interesting!  The Republican Party has shrunk by 0.47% in California, while the Democrats have lost .34%.  The Democratic Party is still the largest party in the state, with 43.11% of registered voters, but “NPP,” (No Party Preference) is catching up quickly and is currently the choice for 28.26% of registered California voters.  This is an increase of 0.74% since October.  The only ballot-qualified political parties to see gains in registration since October are the Libertarian Party (+0.01%) and American Independent (+ 0.01%). Peace and Freedom has gained numbers of registered voters but remains at the same percentage of California voters (0.38%) and has a higher concentration of registration in Sacramento County (0.57%) than its state average.


Despite a steady decline in Green registration, 

we are still holding up and have recovered most Greens 

since the so-called, “Bernie Purge,” of 2016 


During the June presidential primary, many registered Greens were compelled to switch parties to Democrat or NPP in order to vote for Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders in the primary, due to our “Semi-closed” California Presidential Primaries.  The 2016 primaries left us with only 2988 (0.42%) Greens, when we had 3751 (0.56%) only six months prior!! However, at the last count before the General Election of 2016, we managed to get back up to 3884 (0.50%)! Our county was among the top for Green recovery during this time.


We should expect a similar situation as we approach the 2020 Presidential Election but are in no danger of losing ballot status as a political party until 2022 thanks to Green Party Candidate for Secretary of State, Michael Feinstein securing 2.1% in the 2018 statewide election. Feinstein was the only statewide candidate to pass the 2% threshold in the 2018 primaries, which is one way for political parties to qualify their ballot status in California.  The other method is through maintaining a certain percentage of registered members, which is why it will again become crucial after the 2020 primary to work to bring these numbers back up.